Elementus Joins the Crypto Market Integrity Coalition (CMIC) to Help Enable a Safer Crypto Ecosystem

Dan Young
Feb 16, 2023

Elementus is proud to announce that we have joined the Crypto Market Integrity Coalition (CMIC), an industry-led organization dedicated to ensuring blockchain and crypto networks are secure and honest.

Launched in February 2022 by 17 co-founding companies in the blockchain industry, CMIC now has 48 members and presents a unified voice to the crypto industry’s commitment to continually improving market integrity, collaborating with regulators, and fostering trust among all stakeholders in the blockchain space. 

Elementus joins CMIC with three additional new members, Bitvo Inc, The Tie, and Blockchain Intelligence Group. In this year’s CMIC cohort, four companies (including Elementus) are focused on blockchain data solutions, a powerful indication that CMIC understands the growing role data plays in its mission to help boost the integrity of the digital asset market and encourage data-focused dialogue with regulators. 

At Elementus, we firmly believe in blockchain’s theoretical promise; open, permissionless data that’s available to all ecosystem participants. However, a gap in existing blockchain infrastructure has left this data inaccessible for most, not only preventing widespread adoption of blockchain technology, but also obfuscating nefarious activity that has been happening in plain sight. Elementus was founded to promote widespread adoption of blockchain technology and provide solutions that help more institutions unleash the power of blockchain technology—with confidence. We recently announced a $10M investment that allows us to continue accomplishing our mission of building critical infrastructure that makes blockchain data more accessible. 

During a time when confidence, transparency and insights are arguably the most in-demand information, access to blockchain data plays a critical role in developing best practices needed for the industry to continue to grow. We at Elementus are excited to be part of the journey and help do our part to make the entire crypto and blockchain ecosystem safer for all. 

CMIC just celebrated its one-year anniversary and 48 companies in total have taken the pledge to date. For more information or to sign the pledge, visit the CMIC website.