Bringing comprehension, auditability, and transparency to blockchain

  • The modern internet is easy to use because companies like Google built the search engine from their index of the World Wide Web

  • Blockchain is sparking the next wave of innovation through the transmission of value, but it remains extremely difficult to use and analyze

  • By indexing all non-private blockchains, Elementus has built the modern search engine that will enable an easy-to-navigate internet of value


Blockchain data is extremely difficult to decipher

  • Compliance

    • Proliferation of scams and hacks
      Opacity on the origin of the funds
  • Investment

    • No info to assess fundamentals
      Bad projects pass undetected
  • Data analytics

    • Lack of clean, reliable data sources
  • Consumers

    • The industry is perceived to be too risky to enter


We make blockchains readable

    • Universal Blockchain Query Engine
  • Compliance

    • Minimize risk & cost
      Protect reputation
  • Investment

    • Inform investment decisions
      Perform thorough due diligence
  • Data analytics

    • Derive business intelligence from the blockchain

Our Products

Compliance solution

Compliance solution

Supporting a responsible and collaborative blockchain ecosystem:

  • Financial institutions
  • Regulators
  • Exchanges
  • ICOs
  • Funds

Data analytics

Data analytics

Empowering innovative teams with unique blockchain intelligence:

  • Financial institutions
  • Investors
  • Government agencies
  • Data providers
  • Researchers
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Our Vision

Creating the foundation to enable new ways of working with all of the world’s blockchains


The Team


Work with us

At Elementus we are always looking for people that complement our skills, share our values and passion and are eager to add value to the team.