The Information Names Elementus a Most Promising Crypto Startup in 2022

Oct 25, 2022

Elementus has been on an upwards trajectory since launching, and we’re both proud and incredibly excited to be able to say that others are noticing. That is, we were just named one of The Information’s 50 Most Promising Startups (#TheInformation50) in the Crypto category.

Spotting the next Snowflake or Shopify has never been easy and, as The Information put it in last year’s announcement, "A company doesn’t need to show much business progress to earn a billion-dollar valuation, or higher, from investors these days.” This makes finding startups that are flying below the radar at less than $1B more valuable to both investors and potential employees than ever before.

In order to help sort through the noise, each year The Information highlights 50 companies that it feels have the potential to be the most valuable businesses in their categories based on their current revenue, business model, and growth prospects. Each of these companies at the time of selection are limited to less than $100 million in funding.

“This acknowledgment is a testament to our team’s hard work over the years and brings the market that much closer to realizing what Elementus has known all along: that data, and technologies that are natively built to support the changing and expansive nature of data, are the ones that are going to succeed in driving the major paradigm shift we can all feel coming,” said our founder and CEO, Max Galka. “We’re incredibly excited to apply that school of thought to a space that needs it, and to a society that will benefit from it in incalculable ways.”  

This news follows a year of customer growth and significant expansion of our team, including leadership hires from Amazon, JPMorgan, and Global Relay. Additionally, Elementus is currently representing the Unsecured Creditors of Celsius Network and conducting a trailblazing forensic investigation in one of the first crypto bankruptcies.

Elementus is a data-first web3 company on a mission to help forward-thinking, data-driven organizations of all sizes to leverage the power of blockchain. Whether interested in investigating on-chain activities, identifying risk, discovering valuable market intelligence, or a combination of all three, our platform provides the most complete data set and sophisticated tagging/attribution capabilities on the market, resulting in the actionable insights you need to grow and prosper safely in a web3 world.

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