Your data-first partner in the blockchain

Our vision

Elementus believes the democratization
of blockchain data and technology is the key to breeding new innovations that transform industries and lives.

Our values

Our values serve as a system of guiding principles and core tenets that shape the behaviors we exhibit, and frame the decisions we make as a team.

Dedicated to delivering impact

Elementus is dedicated to a web3 that brings the most positive impact for the most people. We believe web3 has the potential to revolutionize our day-to-day lives in far-reaching ways that are yet unimaginable. We also recognize our responsibility as stewards of the technology to always endeavor to make blockchain a force for good.

Remain focused and move fast

Building the market's #1 data-driven blockchain intelligence platform is no easy feat—and we’re in a race against time. To deliver on our mission, we carefully prioritize our efforts on the highest impact work and produce results with a high degree of urgency.

Success is a collective effort

Either we succeed as a team or we fail as individuals. Achieving peak performance requires trust, commitment, and accountability—and requires that we work as a cohesive unit. While everyone has the freedom to focus on their own contributions, it’s imperative that we trust and respect each other, and deliver on what we commit in a timely way.

Act like entrepreneurs

Building a high-growth startup is extremely difficult and when something doesn’t go our way (and most things do not) it can feel downright discouraging. Overcoming adversity requires tenacity, fortitude, creativity, and determination. Despite all of this, building a company is a special experience in life—and there’s nothing more rewarding than solving hard problems with people you admire.

Always lead with honesty, integrity, and mutual respect

These core principles are non-negotiable for all current and future Elementites and stakeholders.

Our team

We’re a dynamic group of passionate visionaries looking to solve the toughest data problems and build best-in-class solutions to help organizations of all sizes navigate web3 safely with confidence and success.

Our investors

Backed by the leading minds, innovators and influencers in web3 and technology.


The company culture at Elementus is amazing. Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand, and we get to work with cutting-edge cyberpunk technology, which keeps things exciting and allows for endless learning opportunities.

Raul Pino
Principal Engineer

At Elementus, I get to work on challenging problems with a team of the most fun, energizing, and supportive people.

Sabrina Wang
Product Manager

My expertise was heard and valued from day 1 at Elementus. I’ve not only been able to see my direct impact on the company, but also continue to learn and grow in my role thanks to my incredibly supportive colleagues.

Georgia Aidoo
Operations Associate

Life at Elementus


Medical, dental, & vision insurance coverage

We offer comprehensive health packages, to support your physical and mental wellbeing.



It’s important for employees to feel invested in a company. Equity packages are available to most staff.


Unlimited PTO

Vacations are on your terms, unlimited PTO provides employees time away to reset.


Flexible work schedules

Employees are free to arrange their work schedule to meet individual circumstances.


Paid paternal leave

Bringing a new child into your home is an exciting and challenging time for every family! Our employee can take up to 14 weeks of parental leave.


WFH Stipend

Employees are provided a stipend for any and all work from home needs.


Let’s unleash the power of
blockchain together

We’re helping companies grow and prosper safely in a web3 world. Join our team.


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